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[cd] John Butler Trio / Sunrise Over Sea

John Butler Trio, Compact Disc
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‘Sunrise Over Sea’ is the perfect example of an eclectic album that works. The trio’s superb musicianship and feel enables them to effortlessly jump from one genre to another. Witness the infectious reggae groove of radio hit ‘Zebra’, the hip-hop laced ‘Treat yo mama’, the epic jam of ‘Sometimes’ and the strings laden ‘What you want’. Even more exciting is JBT dabbling in often-unchartered musical territories of Celtic music with the electrifying ‘Mist’ and the entrancing Appalachian folk of ‘Dammed to hell’. Both songs are done with the respect and performance needed for it to be pulled off. Lyrically, John Butler has combined his passion for social and environmental issues and commentary (‘Company Sin’, ‘Old Man’) with often-personal songs about his wife and daughter. ‘Peaches’ and ‘Bound to ramble ‘ are beautiful odes to his loved ones and do not come off as ‘cheesy’ or indulgent. Source:

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